Spiritual Healer & Surgeon – Ray Brown

After a positive experience with Ray Brown I would like to share my conclusion on trying an alternative path to find pain relief. I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & Myositis which together cause me no end of pain along with the other random symptoms which cause added problems. My previous blog, “A Typical Day Living with…” will give you an idea on how awful Fibro can be.

 ray brown

Raymond Brown is a trance medium who has worked alongside his Spiritual surgeon Paul, for over 40 years. Ray works in a deep state of trance to provide Paul with the tools he needs to offer spiritual healing.  This arrangement works well because Ray allows Paul to use his body & side by side, Raymond & Paul have treated thousands of patients with all manner of problems including arthritis, Fibromyalgia, IBS, MS, ME heart conditions & much, much more.

My introduction came via my Mum & her husband, Danny who had met with Ray & Paul many years ago with positive results avoiding an operation on his arm.

The first time I went I was in incredible pain. Thinking it would be a non-contact appointment I was shocked to feel the pain going through my body each time Paul pushed a muscle, I came close to tears. I went home feeling exhausted but this is how I feel usually after the smallest amount of activity anyway. I had a lot of doubt in my mind as after all the consultants, GP’s, physio nurses etc. that I had seen over the years, not one of them have ever been able to help me. To be honest I had given up on ever feeling anything other than 24/7 pain.

The following day I was very tired but as the hours went past I realised that I had no pain. The next 2 days were wonderful, no pain & I felt I had loads of time on my hands due to not having to take regular bed rest. I was so excited & amazed to have 3 pain free days before the Fibro symptoms crept back.

Obviously, being a writer I analysed this experience to pieces. Could it be a coincidence? Would I have miraculously had 3 days pain free anyway? Not very likely!

A month later my 2nd appointment came round. I explained to Paul that I had 3 lovely days & he suggested that I would feel better for longer after this session.

This time I had 2 weeks of improved energy with some mild pain. I started taking my dogs for a 10 minute walk which I have managed to keep up. They hadn’t been for a walk for 4 years! I also managed to do a few hours’ work in the day without too much suffering.

I have had friends round for coffee which normally would exhaust me but I have been able to actually enjoy the company.

I run a Fibromyalgia Support group on line, so have shared my experience but without pushing it. We suffer in similar ways but we are all at different stages of our illness & for some, this is not something they would want to engage in but I do hope that other people will try this type of healing, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I was desperate & didn’t care how it worked as long as I got some slight relief & surprisingly it has worked far better than I had hoped. Sadly, towards the end of the 4 weeks I had started to suffer again so of course couldn’t wait for apt. number 3!

My 3rd appointment was 4 days ago & I’m feeling the improvement again. Leading up to the appointment I had very little sleep for 4 nights due to pain that wasn’t relieved by my meds but the last 2 nights I have slept as any normal person would. I still have some pain as I’m sitting here but I have had a busy day, no afternoon nap & walked my dogs.

Being concerned about the huge amount of prescription drugs, I’m pleased to find some drug free relief. It’s given me hope & reduced the pain & I now intend to have regular healing sessions to keep the pain to a minimum.

After having my treatment this week I can confirm that Raymond really does have a talent that helps so many.  He doesn’t claim to cure me but to help with a more comfortable life.

I do have another session booked for 4 weeks’ time but I’m in no doubt that each time Paul has worked on me it has given me a taste of what my life used to be like before I became ill.

If you fancy trying this drug free approach, Ray & his team can be contacted through the website, where you can also view videos of Paul at work.

Good luck!








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One Response to Spiritual Healer & Surgeon – Ray Brown

  1. Paul says:

    Hi I am glad that i have read about your experience with Ray Brown. Would it be ok if i was to ask you a few more questions please…?


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